brizulz182 asked: Yes. All I have to say to this blog is yes.

Awww, thanks! :)


Jonathan Davis (1995)

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Happy Birthday,my hero!

Listen up motherfuckers.


you see this beautiful man right here?


im really gonna need you to vote for him here 

he really deserves it this is the only time ive really asked you guys to do anything like this so please please go vote for Jonathan.

you can vote every hour but voting ends at the end of the day today so please do it now!

novvayout asked: please come back.. some day :/ i'm really gonna miss your blog ;(

I will miss you all as well. Hopefully, things will start to slow down after the holidays. 

Thank you for following my blog :) <3

Anonymous asked: Dont go :(((( i'll miss you! You were always my fav for JD. Was wrong?

Nothing bad has happened. When I started this blog, I had way more time on my hands to really make it great, plus help from time to time. People don’t realize that running a successful blog is almost like having a full time job. Finding content, keeping the blog fresh, updating frequently, keeping up with Jonathan(it’s “Jonathan/Korn Season”, as I like to call it whenever a new project it out, haha). I have a lot on my plate right now, and the downfall of the blog is a result of that. I’m going to regroup and see what I can do.

Thank you for following <3